Hello Imjin Scouts,

We feel great pride that www.imjinscout.com has been presented the Member Commendation Award by the Korean Defense Veterans of America. This is an inspiration to us to continue to strive for excellence. I hope you will all share in this pride. And please remember the critical work of the KDVA that remains to be accomplished as the Korean Defense Service Medal legislation works its way through conference committee. If you haven't already done so, please contact your Congressmen and request their support for the bill. Visit the KDVA site at http://kdvamerica.org/Legislation.html for further information.

When we launched www.imjinscout.com our purpose was to tell the story of the Imjin Scout. Our belief is that the oft forgotten Imjin Scout symbolizes the post Korean War soldier. The evidence speaks for itself. The sacrifices that soldiers like Imjin Scouts have made in Korea to ensure that peace prevails and prosperity thrives are significant. Those of us who were there know the true story. What has been missing is an adequate recognition of our contributions. For many years, we were overshadowed by the war in Vietnam. Later, Korea was largely forgotten by journalists and by most Americans. When I ran across the Korea Defense Veterans of America, I soon realized how dedicated they are in the pursuit of setting the record straight. The KDVA is doing a marvelous job of documenting the casualties and incidents in Korea since the end of the war. KDVA has worked with Washington legislators and is succeeding in telling our story. KDVA Legislative Affairs has leveraged these accomplishments to lobby Congress. Their efforts resulted in the introduction of legislation to recognize post Korean War soldiers with the Korean Defense Service Medal. Versions of this bill have passed in the House and Senate and are now in conference committee.

I wanted to take this opportunity to pledge the support of www.imjinscout.com as a partner to KDVA. In turn, I would like to ask for your support for KDVA at this critical time in the legislative process. There are a couple of things that we can all do to help push this bill across the finish line. First, you can contact your Representative and Senators. Check on the KDVA site to see how your Congressmen voted on the original bill (House Bill 1935/Senate Bill 999). If they voted for it, thank them. If they did not, encourage them to cosponsor the bill. The conference committees are forming now so your support is critical. The second thing you can do is join KDVA. Visit the KDVA site at http://kdvamerica.org/Legislation.html for further information.


Don M. Lopez
January 2012
EMAIL: don@entemann.org